• Water Jet Cutting

    We’re able to secure low prices and short delivery terms by the customer.
    It is a modern and ecological method of machining a wide range of materials such as metal, stone, glass, plastic, ceramics or rubber.

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    We have a number of professional metal machining equipment – three-axis and five-axis CNC vertical centers, a CNC lathe with powered tools. We also work with standard machinery and other equipment.

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    20+ years of experience and history
    20+ stable team of experts
    20+ metal processing technologies

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Are you looking for a manufacturer of precision machine parts at European level?


Our strengths


We need high quality tools to be able to produce accurate parts. These are mainly provided by TGS, ISCAR and EMUGE.


We are a company with more than twenty employees, which is an advantage over big companies in terms of flexibility and speed of delivery.


It is a matter of course for our company to cooperate and output control of product quality and creation of measuring protocols.

Precise production and quality of products also ensure the temperature stability of the production areas.
We have both air-conditioned workplaces and room for quality measurement.